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Park Rules

   Speed Limit is 10 MPH

  All sites must be reserved and/or paid online with a debit/credit card in advance.

Payment is due on check in date, cash is accepted.

For extended stay guest, your full payment is due the first day of each term
(month/week). Any payment after your check in date will be considered late and a late
payment fee will be due in the amount of $30 dollars per day. If no payment is
received after the 2 nd day the guest will be asked to leave immediately. If guest is
unwilling to leave or remove your RV power and water will be turned off and will be

towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

All reservations require contact by phone prior to check in.
828-429-1016. Michael 828-429-2740. Kim 864-706-7611.

Upon request a mobile photo of your driver license may be required.

Site payment indicates agreement with all terms and conditions listed in this Guest


CHECK IN TIME:  1:00 p.m. CHECK OUT TIME: 11:00 a.m.
QUIET HOURS:  10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. 

All children under 18 must be on their site by 9:00 p.m.​

All daily/weekly rates are based on (4) person occupancy per Recreational Vehicle

(RV) Site. 

Extra $5 fee per night for additional person(s) with maximum occupancy of (6) people

per site.

Monthly rates based on (2) person occupancy per RV, additional persons(s) staying

are $50 each per month.

Sorry, but there are no public toilets or showers within the park.
 All RVs MUST be modern or like new less than 15 years old in good functional

condition with NO exterior damage or paint defects.

 We do not discriminate against older RV’s; Exceptions will be made UPON

APPROVAL by submitting pictures to
 828-429-1016, or 828-428-2740, or 864-706-7611

 All RV sites are considered temporary and not guaranteed each month.
 An advance notice is required before departure to extend your monthly
reservation, or a $30 daily late fee will occur on check out day at 11a.m.
   If no notice is given to extend your reservation, assume that another guest

may book the site.

 Only one RV per site. Up to 2 vehicles, if site dimensions allow. Some sites are

limited to 1 vehicle.

 All owners of RVs shall furnish to Park Management a copy of the registration

for the RV immediately upon request.

 A certificate of insurance for the RV must be available to Park Management

upon request.

 Only fully self-contained A, B and C class motor homes, fifth wheels, park
models and travel trailers are accepted. No tents or hybrid camper.

 RV at Yates RV Resort are to be used solely by the Registered Guest. 
Subleasing, renting, or assigning any rights or interest that the Registered
Guest may have to others under this Rules Agreement is not allowed.
 Cancellation Policy:   1 night payment is required to guarantee a reservation. If
you cant honor your reservation, you may cancel up to 14 days before the
start of your reservation and a full refund will be issued, less a $25
processing fee.  Cancellations on day 13 through the day the reservation
begins will result in no refund for the site fee. If this occurs, only the electric

deposit will be refunded.

 Refunds will not be given for early checkout.

 Payment for monthly reservations and $75 deposit for monthly power usage is

expected at check in.

 Registered Guest that is unwilling to remove RV or vehicles, they will be towed

away at the vehicle owner’s expense.

 Heated or insulated water hose required during winter months.
 Guests are responsible for fixing water leaks inside and outside of their RV. If
a water leak is noticed, notify park management immediately. If a guest
knowingly allows a leak to persist, park management may assess an excess

water usage fee.

 There is video surveillance in our park. Theft or vandalism will be prosecuted

to the fullest extent of the law.

 Internet is provided for Registered Guests to surf the internet, check email and
social media. Downloading of illegal or copyrighted material is strictly
prohibited by the park, our internet provider and the Law. Downloading illegal

materials, can be cause for ejection from the park.


 Fences, under pinning, gazebos, barriers, pallets, external storage
buildings/sheds, freezers, utility trailers, hot tubs, kiddie pools, outdoor
garbage cans, gas cans, clothes lines, tarps, oil/Kerosene lamps and
generators are prohibited. External gas tanks must be approved.

 Outside grills are allowed.

 Flying drones over the park is not allowed due to federal regulations

concerning flight paths.

 No flags, except traditional United States flags, military, or holiday flags can be
flown or displayed in RV or automobile. Any exception will require written

approval from Yates RV Resort.

 Fires are only permitted in designated fire rings and must be supervised by an
 Park guest are responsible for their fires and any damaged that occurs.
 A sewer donut with threaded connection must be used on all sewage hoses.
 No grease or food materials may be dumped in any part of the park.
  Only household garbage is permitted in dumpster. No dumping garbage from

work or other outside sources.
 Garbage may not be stored outside your RV. 

 Personally stored items outside your RV should be kept to a minimum. Items
stored outside should fit in a plastic container under your RV.


 All Registered Guests are responsible for the behavior & control of

themselves, their children, guests, and pets.
 Respect our neighbors.
 Firearms and fireworks are prohibited.

 Drugs, showing or use of weapons, fighting, loud cursing, public
drunkenness, lewd conduct, reckless driving, and speeding is not permitted.

All can result in immediate ejection without refund.

 Any violation of Federal, County or State law while on Yates RV Resort
property will result in an immediate ejection without refund.
 Anything which creates a threat to health and safety (flammable/explosives,

etc.) shall not be permitted on the Premises.

 No soliciting, selling, advertising, or distribution of any product including


 Noise: Televisions, speakers, phones, etc. must be kept to a reasonable
volume at all times.
 RV sites must be cleaned before leaving or fines will be issued.
 Please do not throw cigarette butts on ground.


 All vehicle(s) must be parked in your designated RV site only. Parking is not

permitted on landscaped areas or empty RV sites.

No vehicles or RV’s in disrepair allowed on premises and no vehicle repairs

done on site.

 All vehicles and RV's must have currently registered license plates.
 Temporary parking in roadway (15 minutes) for loading, dropping off or

picking up only is permitted.

 Park Management must approve RV washing along with a $10.00 fee.

 No washing vehicles.


 Domesticated pets are welcome. No farm animals. No dogs with ANY history of

aggressive behavior. No aggressive dogs allowed.

 Maximum of three (3) pets per RV site. No excessive barking, including while

Registered Guest is away.

 Each pet must be inoculated in accordance with applicable state and local law.
Evidence of inoculation shall be submitted to Park Management upon


 Dogs must be leashed and always attended while outside RV on park property.
 Do not tie pets to any of the park trees or fixtures. Registered Guest must be in

the park when dogs are tied outside.

 Registered Guests are responsible for immediate pet waste cleanup.
 Small folding pet fences are allowed only when occupied by pet(s) and

supervised by Registered Guest.

 Registered Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Park Management or
Owners for any loss, injury, or liability caused by all Registered Guest’s pets.


 Visitors are defined as persons visiting our campground that are not

registered guests.

 Registered guests must notify management of visitors prior to their arrival.
 Registered guests are responsible for visitors following park rules and will

provide a copy to the visitors.
 Visitors must leave campground by 10pm.

 Registered guests will be charged $10 a night per person for visitors staying




 Yates RV Resort (YatesenterpriseLLC) assumes no responsibility for injury,
accidents, or losses from any cause, including activities done on the


 Yates RV Resort (YatesenterpriseLLC) is not responsible for loss of individual

property or for accidents of any nature.

 We strongly suggest using a surge protector and water regulator between the
park’s utilities and the RV. Yates RV Resort is not responsible for electrical or

plumbing problems inside the Guest’s RV.

 Park does not carry public liability or property damage insurance to
compensate Registered Guests, their Visitors or any other person from any
loss, damage, or injury except those resulting from actions where Park would

be legally liable for such loss, damage, or injury.

 Registered Guest is responsible for obtaining insurance, at their own cost,
extended coverage for RV, fire and other casualty insurance on the RV, other
improvements and contents to the full insurable value and such other
insurance as is necessary to protect Registered Guest or their Visitor or
others from loss or liability, and Registered Guest hereby agrees to indemnify
and hold harmless Owner and Park Management from any liability thereof.

Insurance should also cover debris removal.

 Evidence of Insurance is required for Registered Guests staying one month or



 Upon request walking trail is for Registered Guests only. As terrain is uneven,

sturdy shoes are recommended.

 Walking Trail only
 Trail Hours:  Day Use Only
 This is an ungroomed trail.
 Use nature trail at your own risk. 
 Park owner assumes no liability for injuries.

 You may encounter tree branches, poison oak ,rocks, roots, uneven ground,

insects, and wild animals.

 All pet waste on or near trail must be picked up.

Registered Guest will sign below accepting the park’s rules and walking trail rules.
Acceptance of the rules also signifies that Registered Guests have read, understand,
and will comply with all rules. Signing rules also allows park to contact guests via
text or email.

The following information is required from each RV Owner and will be kept on file by
Yates RV Resort. A hard copy will be given to you upon arrival to be filled out. Please

have a copy of your insurance available upon request.

Please like us on Facebook Yates RV Resort.

This hardcopy is uncontrolled and can be updated at any time.

Guest Filling Out


​Name of all Registered Guests:

1. _______________________________________________






Automobile Manufacturer/Model/Tag#/State


​Emergency Contact's Name & Phone Number 

This hardcopy is uncontrolled and can be updated at any time.

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